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Comprehensive Training Solutions
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Comprehensive Training Solutions

Comprehensive Training Solutions is a partnership focusing on becoming the comprehensive training solution provider for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to be the catalyst that will propel businesses, religious institutions and non-profits into their full potential through facilitation and training services designed to fully engage leaders and their employees. All of our training professionals (Internal and Consultants) have many, many years of experience in the Manufacturing and Services industry and it is from this experience that we build our effective training systems. 

Founded in 2018,  the mission of  CTS is to help our clients transform the potential in their organization into profit by fully utilizing the capability of their people. This will be accomplished through providing innovative solutions that focuses on their people , their processes and practices. Our goal is to become a contributing partner realizing that our success is deeply tied to the success of our clients. This is accomplished in a three-pronged approach:


Focus on People - This is the cultural part which trains and coaches the leadership team to develop a culture that builds Trust, Support, and Respect which will enable employees to give the extra effort to support the organizational goals. This component also ensures that HR policies and performance management systems are in place to support such a culture change. 

Focus on Practices - This deals with ensuring that industry best practices are in place to support the long-term sustainability of the company. It would include ensuring housekeeping standards are trained on and implemented, ensuring visual management systems are in place to ensure that everyone in the company is aware of the Key Productivity Indicators and how they can positively impact those indicators, ensuring that the employees that are actually performing the job is equipped with the trouble shooting skills to be the first line of improvement. 

Focus on Performance - This area deals with ensuring that the manufacturing or service processes are lean and waste free and solid systems are in place to ensure the processes are continuously improved. This is accomplished through training and coaching to develop a continuous improvement mind-set.  





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